A blizzard at dawn, fading light on a lonely singletrack trail, a 14-hour drive or negative twenty temps. These are some of the situations Ben often finds himself in as he documents snowboarding, mountain biking and related outdoor pursuits as a freelance writer and photographer. His strong background in editorial and commercial media, photography, creative writing, diverse education, wilderness aptitude and lifelong connections to snowboarding and mountain biking have enabled him to travel the globe with the some of the most talented athletes and fellow creatives in search of newly fallen snow, freshly etched trail and adventure.

These pursuits are Ben’s area of expertise, but everything and everyone along the way is part of the process. Whether it’s capturing the intimacy of a wedding or exploring the stills of a craft distillery, Ben has a desire to connect, document and inspire. From gear reviews to personable interviews, distinct travel stories or catalog copy, Ben has a respected voice in the outdoor community and beyond. From film portraiture to heavy action, far-flung missions or trivial bits of travel, Ben’s ability to capture the scene through beautiful photography is evident in the images he produces.

As an adept creative professional, Ben is eager and available for various photography, writing and media projects. He’s based in Durango, Colorado, yet ready to roam.